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Power tools by Vet-Design

VET-DESIGN is a fast-moving supplier of top-end professional electroportative equipment, ensuring high reliability through excellent design and materials.

Flexa range

FLEXA power tools operate with a drive cable.

They are light, reliable and ultra-functional. Their development required 2 years of work in R&D and allowed the registration of 2 international patents.

Whatever your expectations are in terms of lightness, handling, choice of materials, the FLEXA range will meet all your needs!

With Flexa, choose the appropriate connector !

Benefit from the innovative know-how of VET-DESIGN products and the flexibility of choice: If you are already equipped, our range also adapts to your needs in terms of connector compatibility.

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A complete range

We offer a large choice of electroportative sets, including all necessary instruments for equine dentistry. You can now freely renew a motor, a drive cable and complete your dental burrs!



moteur flexa


fraises flexa

Terafloat range

We distribute and service the Terafloat range.

This range is very easy to use, light and integrating the led illumination in its handle. User-friendly, you can switch between straight and flexed shaft

Equipped with a battery system, it allows you to be autonomous in your movements.