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About Vet-Design

VET-DESIGN is always looking for excellence and never stops developing new products dedicated to the dental care of horses. Handy and light, our professional equine dentistry equipment provides practitioners with good working comfort.

From the concept to the manufacturing, all the steps are made in our premises located in Saint-Gilles, France.

We are an enthusiastic team, driven by the search for solutions to improve the materials and practices on a daily basis. A simple idea can, thanks to you and us, facilitate the practice of thousands of practitioners!

One of our main strengths is to be able to guide you efficiently in the choice of equipment, according to your specific needs.

We collaborate with various renowned practitioners to develop new materials. Some companies also call upon VET-DESIGN for sourcing and development.

In a few words, passion, excellence, flexibility and innovation are Vet-Design’s main values.


We commit to understand our customers’ needs and meet their expectations.


We collaborate with renowned practitioners.


R&D is a passion: Vet-Design develops ever more efficient equipment.

Do you share the company's values ?